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Map-Collective is an online hub calculating carbon footprints on one unified global platform.


To see the envisioning of this startup, visit map-collective.com by clicking the logo.

Are you a company (of any size) interested in tracking your carbon footprint & listing your supply chains on our maps? Contact info@map-collective.com for more information on how you can become an early adopter!

Sign up for an account, and you can calculate your carbon impact, both your footprint and your handprint (offsetting and other positive, regenerative actions).

Then you can see how you compare to your peers, your nation, and the globe, on our unified carbon map.

Check out our supply chain maps to make sure the products you are buying are sourced ethically and with reasonable carbon usages.

And recommend your favorite companies to sign up, dedicating just a small percent of their advertising budgets to sustainable impact tracking.

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